Table @ Pip’s – Heavenly Durian Chocolate!

Orchard Central’s really a good place to go when you’re meeting up with friends, with such a wide variety of restaurants and cafes serving different types of cuisines concentrated in a single spot. It’s convenient to have main course at one restaurant, then hop to the next one for desserts and drinks. Definitely good news for people who get easily bored and want to try out as many as places as possible!

I had desserts at Table @ Pip’s withuni classmates after having dinner at another restaurant in Orchard Central (which was sadly underwhelming) and I’m glad their Durian Chocolate saved the night! Such an amazing dessert.

We ordered Bread and Butter Pudding, Flowerpot Milo Tiramisu and the amazing Durian Chocolate.

Bread and Butter Pudding Table @ Pip's - Eat Alone Together

The Bread and Butter Pudding is served with custard sauce and vanilla ice cream. The warm and moist pudding tastes good together with the ice cold vanilla ice cream, but I would say I’ll skip this and go straight for the Durian Chocolate in my next visit.

Flowerpot Milo Tiramisu Table @ Pip's - Eat Alone Together

Unfortunately, Flowerpot Milo Tiramisu was quite a disappointment. Everyone knows putting a tiramisu into a flowerpot is nothing but gimmick, but I do believe that good plating and presentation for food makes eating an even more enjoyable process. Ultimately, pleasure is what we are seeking for. So when I saw how different the actual tiramisu is from the photo on the menu, I was very disappointed. The ‘plant’ in the pot is actually a short segment of mint, but it was inserted so carelessly into the pot that it looked nothing like the cute little edible pot of ‘plant’ that I pictured in my mind.

Taste-wise, the milo wasn’t very detectable, and overall the tiramisu tasted quite bland. Underwhelming.

Durian Chocolate Table @ Pip's - Eat Alone Together

Thankfully, we swept aside all our disappointment for the night when Durian Chocolate was served. Durian Chocolate actually consists of a combination of fresh D24 durian mousse and chocolate mousse topped with orange marmalade. What can I say? It was simply perfect. The durian mousse was extremely smooth, creamy and flavourful, yet it was not overpowering. The strong taste of durian did not mask the bittersweetness of the chocolate mousse, but instead blended extremely well together. As a durian and chocolate lover I loved it so much.

Although we only ordered desserts, Table @ Pip’s also serves mains such as steaks and pastas. I’ll definitely be back for their Durian Chocolate. Maybe I can try out one of their mains then too.

Table @ Pip’s is located at 181 Orchard Rd, #B2-11/22 Orchard Central, 238896

Peperoni Pizzeria – To your heart’s content

Most foodies are familiar with Peperoni Pizzeria, famous for their 21-inch XXL thin-crust pizza, which is almost the size of a table. It’s huge. You can choose up to 2 different toppings for each XXL pizza, so you get to enjoy different flavours from just ordering a single pizza.

I had my first taste of Peperoni’s pizza at its Greenwood Avenue outlet and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, Greenwood Avenue is rather inaccessible unless you drive there. I got driven there by my classmate, but as a student with no car (and also poor driving skills…) I didn’t really have the chance to visit it again. Thankfully, Peperoni Pizza opened a new outlet at Suntec City last year, which is much more acessible via public transport. Hurray!

So last week I was supposed to meet up with my JC clique for dinner, and we decided on Peperoni Pizzeria. There were 4 of us, which is just the perfect number of people to share an XXL pizza. We chose Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Salmone for the two toppings. Prosciutto Crudo di Parma is basically parma ham with rocket salad, while Salmone is supposed to be fresh salmon with caramelized onion, according to the menu.

Parma ham with rocket salad Peperoni Pizza - Eat Alone Together

Salmon with caramelized onion Peperoni Pizza - Eat Alone Together
Strangely, when the pizza arrived, we realised that the salmon turned out to be smoked salmon instead of fresh salmon. When I ate it the first time, it was fresh salmon, as specified on the menu. No explanation was given for the change, but we figured perhaps they ran out of fresh salmon. No worries though, the pizza still tastes good from the combination of smoked salmon and caramelized onion. The other half of the pizza, consisting of parma ham and rocket salad drizzled with olive oil, was also delicious. The unique flavour of rocket leaves complements and balances out the flavour of parma ham really well. Together with the crispy thin crust, the pizza tastes wonderful altogether. Our only complaint for the pizza was that because both the parma ham and smoked salmon are rather salty, we ended up rather thirsty after the meal. But we can’t really fault them for that.

The XXL pizza is meant to feed 4 to 6 people. As our group consists of 4 girls, we struggled to finish the pizza towards the end of the meal. It’s the summer break now for the university students, and also the season for meet-ups and gatherings as friends who have been studying overseas return home. Peperoni Pizzeria’s a good place to meet up with friends for a hearty meal. Eat and make merry to your heart’s content!

Concetto by Saveur @ The Cathay

Concetto by Saveur is an Italian extension of Saveur. I had pretty good experience at Saveur for its French food, and Concetto didn’t disappoint with its Italian cuisine either.

Concetto’s internal decor is pretty simple but chic. I’m not sure how packed Concetto is during its peak hours since I went there with my friends at around 2-3pm, but the ambience was lovely with music playing the background.

We weren’t feeling that hungry, so we only each ordered a main course without any additional sides. Being a seafood lover, I ordered a Crab Risotto. I’m a fan of risottos but it’s hard to come across a good one that is creamy but not overwhelmingly rich, so I was pretty excited to see how Concetto’s risotto would be like. To my delight, it didn’t disappoint at all!

Crab Risotto Concetto by Saveur - Eat Alone Together

The rice is cooked in a shellfish and crab meat broth, and served with crab meat tartare and brussel sprouts. The rice is basically every seafood lover’s dream – the flavours of the shellfish and crab meat broth are fully absorbed into the rice, which was chewy and not too mushy. My only gripe is its small portions. A normal person probably wouldn’t be full from the main course alone, and would need to add on some sides. This is a problem similarly experienced in Saveur. But it’s okay, since the prices are reasonable and the food tastes good!

Pistachio Panna Cotta Concetto by Saveur - Eat Alone Together

I also ordered a Pistachio Panna Cotta, which is a pistachio-flavoured panna cotta sprinkled with pistachio crumble and pistachio nuts. We’re all used to the usual pairing of panna cotta with berry compote, so pairing pistachio with panna cotta is a refreshing change. The pistachio-flavoured panna cotta tasted surprisingly good, as you can taste the nutty flavour in the creamy panna cotta.

Overall, I had a pleasant meal at Concetto with my friends, and I think it’s definitely worth a visit for anyone who likes affordable Italian cuisine in a casual setting!

Concetto by Saveur is located at The Cathay, #01-11/12, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233

The French Table @ Yishun Northpoint

Many casual French restaurants have sprouted up all around Singapore in recent years, making good French food more accessible and affordable for every one. One successful example would be Saveur, which has opened outlets in several locations due to its popularity among the students and young working adults. The concept of The French Table is similar – providing affordable French dishes to the mass public.

The new outlet at Northpoint is The French Table’s second outlet after its original one at West Coast Plaza. The French Table’s menu offers a pretty impressive variety of salads, side dishes and mains, including the usual favourites such as escargot, duck confit and oxtail bourguignon. As a duck confit lover I was pretty excited to try it out.

I went there at about 6.30pm on a weekday, but the place was already quite crowded. I haven’t been to the outlet at West Coast, but the outlet at Yishun is pretty small, with only minimal decor. I guess ‘no-frills’ would be an apt description of the place. Tables are very closely packed, leaving only narrow aisles for walking, so it can be quite a squeeze. The overall decor (and noise level) somehow reminds me of a school canteen. It’s hard to hold a proper conversation and hence it’s probably not a good idea to bring your date here if you’re thinking of having a romantic dinner. (But of course, seeing that it’s a casual and affordable French restaurant you really shouldn’t be expecting that much in the first place.)

Unfortunately, my duck confit was slightly disappointing. At $22.90, the portions of my duck confit wasn’t really much bigger than the portions offered at Saveur, except Saveur’s is $9 cheaper… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not purely judging by price alone. Taste-wise, the duck confit wasn’t impressive either. Served with mashed potato and some salad, the tastiest part of my meal was the mashed potato. Hm. Personally, I felt that the duck confit could afford to be a little juicier and crispier. My mom ordered a lamb shank, which was pretty decent, with the meat cooked to a perfect tenderness.

Overall, I’m a little confused by The French Table’s positioning. Affordable French food, but it’s not that cheap either. Yet the restaurant is stripped of all ambience and tables are too packed for comfort. Will I recommend people to try? Maybe, if you stay in the North and don’t feel like venturing to town for French food.

The French Table is located at Level 1 of Northpoint Shopping Centre, Yishun. 

UK Desserts! (Yes I’m in London!)

Life Update:

I know it’s been quite a while since either of us updated but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back blogging here! I am currently studying abroad in London so I’m going to have a chance to fall in love with a brand new city (and its food) all over again! I cannot emphasize how much I love living in different cities and being in a place where I am challenged to adapt. Being abroad for the past couple of years have made me really want to see the world before I graduate.

One of the first desserts I had was at a restaurant that was close to the Globe Theater. Its decor was really pretty, if only I had a picture of it! It was also a rainy day (rained during the Comedy of Errors, but it was good fun anyway!) and it provided me with the shelter I needed. Instead of getting proper food, I decided that I should get more dessert to cheer myself up after being drenched in the rain!

Their lemon meringue was alright. I was expecting more flavour but overall it turned out to be overly sweet. I was not very impressed but it did look very pretty before I made a mess on the plate!

Eat Alone Together Dessert 1

Their lava cake was by far more impressive. I think you can’t really go wrong with chocolate cake – it’s either a hit or a miss. This was a hit! And I loved the plating too!

Eat Alone Together Dessert 2

I would come here during a less busy time because of their service. I was there after the dinner crowd and the restaurant had just four other tables apart from mine. Yet, it was difficult to get the staff’s attention and I was told to wait, and wait, and wait. No amount of hand-waving could get their attention. I wouldn’t come here during the lunch crowd because I would hate to be overlooked like that.

Bill’s is located at Clink Street, London SE1 9DW.

Just last weekend, I made a trip to Southampton (just two hours away by coach) to film a documentary. I popped by this gelato place and it is extremely lovely! Apart from the delicious variety they had, they also had a teddy bear sitting on one of the couches. By teddy bear I mean a huge, life-sized and huggable one!

For Singaporeans: Turkish delight really tastes like Bandung! I had a dark chocolate ice cream and it is arguably the best ice cream I tasted. A pity I don’t have a picture of it, but it really looks like a mudslide but tastes better.

Eat Alone Together Dessert 3

Tooti’s Gelato Bar can be found at 6a Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2BY, England.


Bon Voyage to XY, who will be going to China for a couple of months!

It’s been very fulfilling to document all sorts of dining experiences on this blog and I can’t believe that neither of us are in Singapore anymore! I’ll still be updating from Boston – I have Indian and Chinese cuisine reviews in store! I’m excited to see what food in China is like and how it differs from our dishes in Singapore.

Oh, you’ll also definitely see a review or two from me when I visit XY in China this summer!

Till then,


Fyve Restaurant Lounge

My friend and I stumbled across this restaurant after an extremely tiring day of shopping. We wanted something good – this was going to be our last dinner before we had to go back to campus and take our finals. The horror! We admit, we entered the restaurant through a door that was only meant for guests with access cards, but someone left it open and we “snuck” in.

The ambience of the restaurant was “lounge-y” – laid back and relaxing. It also had a bar, which I unfortunately am underaged to buy anything from.

Eat Alone Together Fyve 4

Their bread bowls were phenomenal! The two dips in the picture went really well with the bread.

Eat Alone Together Fyve 3

This duck confit appetizer packs a punch – it’s bite sized and a delight to have. It’s perhaps better to share among two friends because to have it all by yourself might be a bit too much. Definitely worth a shot!

Eat Alone Together Fyve 1

The ravioli my friend had, which she described as “alright”.Eat Alone Together Fyve 2

The best part of the salmon dish is the crisp salmon skin. The vegetables are cooked just right. As someone who loves peas, I just cannot get enough.

Fyve is located at 1250 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202, right by Pentagon City Metro!