Jo Jo Taipei – I’ll be back!

Located just a short bus ride away from Harvard Square, this is a place I foresee myself visiting over and over again. Situated near Boston University, this restaurant is also just a short walk way from a chinese supermarket, Kung Fu Tea and many other asian restaurants.

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 2

First up, soy bean milk. It was rather unsweetened but some people might like it that way. It’s a huge cup and for someone who rarely drinks this, I was pleased.

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 3

This is one of their specialties, named “Three Cups Chicken” as a direct translation from Chinese. I believe one of the “cups” is wine, and another would be vinegar. (XY: The ‘three cups’ in Three Cups Chicken consist of wine, vinegar and light soya sauce!) It turned out to be pretty interesting and even surprising. It’s good and not too oily. Note: My friend and I had leftovers and we brought this back to eat over dinner. It tasted weird, so if you’re having this be sure to finish it there!

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 4

This is their plan fried rice, which was alright. I don’t have much to say about this because it was just average. Don’t expect to be wowed. But on the bright side, it’s not too oily unlike other restaurants.

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 5

Bean sprouts here are amazing! It had a tad too much garlic for my liking, but overall it was a good dish. it went very well with the fried rice for some reason.

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 6

As for their wanton noodles, I have mixed feelings about it. It didn’t taste very good with cabbages, but that might be my personal taste again. The seaweed and lettuce just gave this bowl a rather odd and unpleasant taste. The dumplings, however, were really good.

Jo Jo Taipei Eat Alone Together 7

The meal would be incomplete without these crispy Taiwanese sausages. This is simply phenomenal! It’s thin, crispy slices will keep you coming back for more..and more…and more. I would have ordered a plate for myself and this is something I do not want to share with anyone.

One thing about this place, portion sizes are huge. I was here with one other friend and whatever we bought lasted us for 2 meals! We paid about $59, which makes it about $15 per person per meal (since this fed us for dinner too). It is not too bad, but we wished the waitress would have warned us that we were ordering way too much.

Jo Jo Taipei is located at 103 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134. It has a bright orange sign, don’t miss it!


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